A Workout by Shorty Brick

This is How World-Class Break Dancers Train


NOTE: Video By Shorty Brick Student Ben Hart



Yes, it really is possible to gain the strength and flexibility of Spider-Man . . . All without a gym membership, without weights, without spending a dime on equipment!


You could even become a real-life Super Hero with this training program . . . if that's your goal.


Not everyone wants to get to this level.  Whatever level you want to achieve, we'll show you how to reach your fitness goals quickly and efficiently.


The fittest people I know are world-class break dancers. We combine power, agility, and endurance.


Have you ever walked into a commercial gym, such as Bally's, and wondered why so many of the fitness trainers there are so overweight?


They don't look fit at all, but they are teaching others how to get in shape.


Why would anyone hire a fat and out-of-shape fitness trainer?


I don't know. But people do it all the time.


I have watched people come into the gym everyday for years.  They work hard. They build up a sweat. They grunt and groan a lot.  But they make no progress.


A year later, two years later, they still look exactly the same.


Why is this?


Because they are not working out correctly. Nor are they eating the right foods at the right times.


Why not learn from those who have actually achieved fitness?


Why not learn from those who are fanatics about their bodies, who have studied the latest science on how to burn fat fast, gain muscle fast, acquire the endurance of a marathoner, and regain the flexibility you had when you were a baby?


Whatever your level, whatever your goals, we'll put together a custom fitness and nutrition program for you that will allow you to achieve the results you are looking for in the shortest possible period of time.


And you really won't feel like you are working that hard . . . because you'll be having so much fun doing it.


By the way, we almost never use weights in our training.  Almost all of our strength training involves using our own body weight.  This allows us to avoid injury, but also develops true strength -- not the phony kind you develop when lifting heavy barbells.


The weightlifter is strong only in a narrow range of motion.  A break dancer combines flexibility and strength.  A break dancer is strong from every angle.  A break dancer has true strength and true power.


This program can show you how to . . .


  Lose weight fast without losing strength

  Build muscle without losing flexibility

  Regain the flexibility you had when you were two years old

  Triple your endurance

  Eliminate join pain

  Eliminate neck and back pain

  Find the Fountain of Youth (age 60 is the new 30)

  Increase your ability to concentrate and focus

  Breath correctly to maximize oxygen flow to cells in your muscles (which instantly increases your power and endurance by about 50%)

  Eat foods that will make you look and feel like you did when you were 22

Heal your body naturally with the right combination of miracle foods



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