Kids Love To Dance . . .



We offer dance and fitness programs for kids in all age groups


Group Classes Private Lessons Beginners, Intermediate, and World-Class


The younger they start, the better they can be. Dancing is a lot safer than football, but more demanding on the body. Your children can't get in trouble if they're dancing.  And there's no better form of exercise for the whole body.


Your children will learn hard work, discipline, and success habits that will serve them for the rest of their lives in any field or discipline they pursue.  Your child will learn how to develop and care for the most important asset they have -- their physical health.


And your children will have a blast.  They won't feel like they're working hard because they will be having so much fun.


Many public schools have stopped having recess. Many kids today engage in almost no regular physical activity, especially those who are not involved in a formal sport.  As a result, we have an obesity epidemic across America.


Do you have a child who is hyperactive and can't sit still?


It's probably because your child is not getting enough exercise.  We have found that kids who get enough exercise start performing much better in school because they get all that hyper-activity (bottled-up energy) out of them and can then concentrate much better on their school work and get better grades.


We believe that a complete education must include athletics, fitness, and nutrition.


Any child who invests some time and effort with Shorty Brick will soon be performing moves that will appear super-human to the average person.  With their arsenal of new skills, they will gain a new sense of confidence. They will see that they really can do almost anything they put their mind to if they practice and work hard.



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