The Asian Long-Life Nutrition System:

Why Not Just Decide You're

Going to Live 100 Years or More?


Feel Like You're 22 Again

Look 15 Years Younger

Add Fast-Twitch Muscle Fiber for Speed and Power

Recover from Workouts in Minutes

Lose Weight Without Feeling Hungry or Losing Strength

Move With the Energy of a 12-Year-Old

Enjoy Pain-Free, Super Joint Mobility

Increase Mental Clarity and Alertness

End Back, Neck, and Joint Pain

Regain Elasticity in Your Tendons

Feel Powerful Instead of Helpless and Weak

Build Muscle While Increasing Your Flexibility

Get To the Point Where You Can Do Four Sets of 100 Push-Ups, and Four Sets of 25 Pull-Ups


You are what you eat.


What you eat is more important than what you do.  It's more important than your physical training program.


In fact, you can go your entire life without doing any rigorous physical exercise and sill be in good physical shape and live a long life if you eat the right foods. 


Of course, it's best to do both -- exercise right and eat right.  But if you had to pick just one, eating the right foods in the right combinations and at the right times is 90 percent of the key to living 100 years or more and getting into super-human shape.


If you are not eating the right foods, you might as well stop your fitness program.  You're wasting your time and effort.


Have you noticed there's just a lot more cancer and heart disease in America than is Asian countries?


I'm not a doctor. But I talk to a lot of doctors and I do a lot of reading on nutrition.

I know what I eat in morning has a lot to do with how I feel for the rest of the day.


I am a big believer in the health and healing power of Chinese medicines and foods.


They're approach to eating and fitness just works.


I can't remember when I last had a cold.  I don't get flu shots.  Why intentionally put the flu virus in me?


I can't remember ever having the flu.


The big reason most people who go to the gym three, four, five days a week for years, yet make little or no progress is because they don't know how to eat.


If you don't eat the right foods before and after your workout, you'll get no benefit from your workout.


You are literally wasting your time and effort working out if you aren't eating the right foods before and after your workout.


And what you eat before your workout is very different from what you should eat right after your workout.


The Chinese (and Asian cultures, in general) are much more conscious than most Americans are of the impact different foods and herbs have on their bodies. Over the course of 6,000 years of trial and error, they have found natural cures for most illnesses and ailments.


Chinese science of nutrition seeks to correct disharmonies in the body through the healing properties of certain foods. Whereas American medicine is geared toward fixing problems after they occur, the Asian way is to prevent illnesses and disease by putting the right foods in the body.


The Chinese believe the human body is its own best healer if it has the right food -- the right fuel.


If you put the wrong fuel in your car, it won't run well, if at all.


The Chinese have identified what foods strengthen the immune system, lubricate joints, help the body with food on an energetic level considering the qualities of each food such as warming, cooling, drying or lubricating. This information is applied to the fundamental belief that the human body is its own best healer. It warns us when it is not well; and given the proper conditions (such as enhancing the immune system), it can heal and regenerate itself.


They don't have the joint, back and neck pain problems you find here in America.  Arthritis appears to be relatively rare in Asian societies.  Cancer and heart disease almost non-existent.  It's common in Asian cultures to find people living to be 100 or older.


People ask me how I'm able to do all these break-dancing moves without suffering wrist, joint, shoulder, or back pain or injury.  I believe it's because of what I eat.





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